Heat Shrinkable DOLLAR PATTERN

Heat Shrinkable DOLLAR PATTERN


Heat Shrinkable DOLLAR PATTERN

18650 Battery Sleeve Colourful PVC Heat Shrinkable Tubing 72*30*0.08mm Colorful fit 18650 battery high quality

18650 Battery Sleeve PVC Heat Shrinkable Tube Wrap 72 / 30mm

 Heat Shrinkable DOLLAR PATTERNFeature:

Thickness: 0.08-0.09mm

Shrink temperature: 80℃

VICATA: 105℃

Shrink rate: >=48±5%

Rated voltage: 300V

Excellent environmental protection, insulation, stable performance, low shrink temperature, shrink fast, etc

Widely used in electrolytic capacitors, batteries, electronic components, lighting, LED pin bottle combination packaging, beautifying coverings play, insulation, moisture, corrosion, and eliminates dust

DEPTH 0.2 mm

HEIGHT 72 mm

WIDTH 30 mm


8650 Lithium Battery Heat Shrink Tube Tubing Li-ion Wrap Cover Skin PVC Shrinkable Film Pipe Sleeves Accessories

 18650 Lithium Battery Tubing Li-ion Wrap Cover Skin PVC Shrinkable Film Pipe Sleeves Accessories

 Heat Shrinkable DOLLAR PATTERNSpecification:

1.Product name:Heat Shrink Tubing 18650 Battery Wrap

2.Material: PE

3.Temperature range: -40°C to 105°C

 Heat Shrinkable DOLLAR PATTERNFeatures:

1.Excellent environmental protection, insulation, stable performance, low shrinkage temperature, and quick shrinkage.

2.Widely used in aluminum, electrolytic capacitors, batteries, lithium battery packs, electronic components, lighting, LED pins, bottle combination packaging, etc., to be beautify the appearance of the coating, insulation, moisture, corrosion, anti- The role of dust.

  • 1.U will receive 1Pcs 18650 Battery Wrap .
  • 2.18650 battery heat shrink tubing width is 29.5mm .Length is 70-72mm.
  • 3.18650 Cover is Application for 18650 Battery .
  • 4.18650 Battery wrap Shrinking temperature: 80 Deg.C
  • 5.Shrinkage ratio: 48%, 2 to 1

Each order will receive (1 piece per color) Sample Pack of Heat Shrink for Color reference, and initial shrinking of cells so you don’t waste the good ones.

*Battery not included*

*These are General Purpose PVC Battery wraps to revive old, or torn wraps from batteries used in Flashlights, Head Lamps or Portable Radios

18650 Heat Shrink DIY PVC Wraps Cell SALES

Cut to ~71mm, no trimming needed. Just insert battery, add heat, (hair dryer/heat gun) & watch it shrink. 🙂

*Please do not use open flame, you will damage/tear the material*



Heat Shrinkable DOLLAR PATTERN
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