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Precision tweezers TS-15


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Goot Precision tweezers TS-15


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Precision tweezers TS-15

Eagle-beak tweezers with 45° bent tip

Fine Precision Beauty Tweezers Vetus TS-15 ESD (120mm, curved) professional tool for eyelash extensions, stainless steel tweezer

This is a must have little tool for eyelash extensions;

Vetus TS-15 ESD 120 mm fine tip curved

The tweezers are made of high quality material, exceed hard, anti-magnetic, anti-acid, non-corrosive

Carefully designed, durable enough for your daily use

Good for Plucking, Watchmakers, Jewelry, Electronic, Craft

Product description

Vetus TS-15 ESD, length 120 mm, fine tip curved, material- super hard stainless steel, anti-magnetic, anti-acid steel. Each tweezers are equipped with rubber, make the place more safe, clean and sanitary. The peak is hard and sharp, please keep it well. Suitable for professional use or personaluse. Good for eyelash extensions, for soldering small electronics, for ESDcomponents, for model decals or stickers.

❤ Model: Vetus TS-15; Size: 115mm

❤ Made of stainless steel, durable to use.

❤ High hardness and high precision.

❤ Applied to eyelash extension, electronics, jewelry, hobby, craft…etc

❤❤ Customer satisfaction is the most important thing for us. Any problem (dissatisfied) can be solved by communication, please rest assured to buy products !!!


المواد: الفولاذ المقاوم للصدأ
اللون: الفضة
سمك: 1mm
الوزن: 20g
الكمية: 1PCS
جيد الصلابة والمرونة ومثابرة.
المضادة– للتآكل، المضادة– حمض و أنتيماجنيتيك.
مصممة لتلبية متطلبات الالكترونيات والصناعات الهندسية الدقيقة.
غيض يمكن أن ينحني 45 درجة، مناسبة لقطع الأجزاء المكونة في مكان ضيق.