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Phillips Head Screws


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Replacement Phillips Head Screws for Atomizers


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Phillips Head Screws







مسمار غيار براس صليبة يصلح لانواع كثيرة من تانكات الفيب لعمل الكويلات مقاسات مختلفة مصنوع من الاستنلس ستيل العالي الجودة مقاوم للصدء وامن جدا للفيب مقاسات خاصة مستورد كما يوجد لدينا مقاسات وانواع اخرى ومنها الالن كي 3 ملي و 2.5 ملي وايضا جميع قطع غيار واسلاك الفيب وجميع انواع العدد لعمل الكويلات وتصليح التانكات واجود انواع القطن الياباني وايضا قطع غيار التانكات مثل البايركس الاصلي والدريبتب جميع المقاسات

Types of Screws

Myriad types of screws have been invented to perform specific tasks.

  • cap screw has a convex head, usually hexagonal, designed to be driven by a spanner or wrench.
  • The wood screw has a tapered shaft allowing it to penetrate the undrilled wood.
  • The machine screw has a cylindrical shaft and fits into a nut or a tapped hole, a small bolt.
  • The self-tapping screw has a cylindrical shaft and a sharp thread that cuts its own hole, often used in sheet metal or plastic.
  • drywall screw is a specialized self-tapping screw with a cylindrical shaft that has proved to have uses far beyond its original application.
  • The set screw has no head at all and is designed to be inserted flush with or below the surface of the work piece.
  • The double-ended screw is a wood-screw with two pointed ends and no head. It is used for making hidden joints between two pieces of wood.

Shapes of Screw Head

  • Pan head: disc with a chamfered outer edge
  • Cheesehead: disc with a cylindrical outer edge
  • Countersunk: conical, with flat outer face and tapering inner face allowing it to sink into the material, very common for wood screws
  • Button or dome head screw: flat inner face and hemispherical outer face
  • Mirror screw head: countersunk head with a tapped hole to receive a separate screw-in chrome-plated cover; used for attaching mirrors

Types of Screw Drive

Slot head screws are driven by a flat-bladed screwdriver.
Cross-head or Phillips screws have an X-shaped slot and are driven by a cross-head screwdriver, designed originally in the 1930s for use with mechanical screwing machines, intentionally made so the driver will ride out, or cam out, under strain to prevent over-tightening.
The Pozidriv is an improved Phillips head screw, and it has its own screwdriver, similar to cross-head but with better resistance to slipping, or cam-out.
Hexagonal or hex screw heads have a hexagonal hole and are driven by a hexagonal wrench, sometimes called an Allen key or a power tool with a hexagonal bit.
Robertson drive head screws have a square hole and are driven by a special power-tool bit or screwdriver (this is a low-cost version of the hex head for domestic use).
Torx head screws have a splined socket and receive a driver with a splined shaft.
Tamper-proof Torx’s drive sockets have a projection to prevent a standard Torx driver being inserted.
Tri-Wing screws were used by Nintendo on its Gameboys, and don’t have a driver associated with them, which has discouraged even minor home repairs to the units.