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NE555 adjustable frequency


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In stock

NE555 adjustable frequency

NE555 adjustable frequency Pulse generator module for For Arduino Smart Car

100% Brand new and high quality!     

On-board chip NE555.     

A single channel output, the output duty cycle square wave is about fifty percent.     

Onboard adjustable resistance, resistance can be controlled to adjust the output frequency.     

Best choice for yourself or your friend.You will not be disappointed!     


Color: Blue     

Working voltage: 5-12V     

Size: 29 (mm) x12 (mm)     

Package included:

1x Pulse generator module

   The 555 timer IC is an integrated circuit that is popular used in a variety of timer, pulse generation, and oscillator applications. This NE555 frequency adjustable pulse generator Module utilizes the NE555 timer IC to generate pulses from about 4Hz to 1.3Khz, which can be used for experimental development, or driving a stepper motor, it would be also a good choice for users learning& experiencing the analog RC circuits.       There are 4 jumpers and 2 variable resistors on the module, users can adjust the output wave with these components, to get their ideal wave easily.


  • Output with the LED indicator
  • The output frequency is adjustable:T=0.7(RA+2RB)*C RA and RB can be adjusted (0-10k); Low frequency:C=0.001UF; Intermediate frequency:C=0.01UF; High-frequency:C=1UF; higher frequency:C=100UF


    • Input Voltage: 5V-15VDC.(when power supply is 5V , the output current can be 15mA around;when 12V power supply, the output current can 35mA around)
    • Output amplitude: 4.2V V-PP(5v input) to 11.4V V-PP(12V input). (Different input voltage, the output amplitude will be different)
    • Maximum output current: >=15mA (5V power supply, V-PP greater than50%),>=35mA (12V power supply, V-PP greater than 50%)


  • As a square wave signal generator,generates a square wave signal used for experimental development
  • Used to drive a stepper motor
  • Generate adjustable pulse for MCU
  • Generate adjustable pulse to control circuitry associated

NE555 adjustable frequency
NE555 adjustable frequency