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5V 1A Step Up


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5V 1A Step Up


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5V 1A Step Up

5V 1A Step Up Board Lithium Li-ion Battery Charging Protection Board Boost Power Module USB For DIY Charger Power Bank 134N3P

Product Introduction:
1.Input Voltage:3.7 V~5.5 V
2.Charging Current :1 A(max)
3.Output Current:1 A(max)
4.Output voltage:5 V
5.BAT Discharging Stop Voltage:2.9 V
6.Discharging Efficiency:85%(input 3.7 V output 5 V/1 A)

1.Charging and discharging indication
2.Internally installed charging and discharging power MOS
3.Preset 4.2 V charging voltage, precision ±1%
4.Max 8uA standby current
5.Integration charging management and discharging management
6.Intelligent temperature control and overtemperature protection
7.Integration output overvoltage protection,short coircuit protection,overload protection
8.Integration overcharging and overdischarging protection
9.Support trickle mode and zero voltage charging

When charging :red light flashing
Full charged :red light light for a long time

Product description


Module Properties: non-isolated boost

Rectification: non-synchronous rectification

Input voltage: 2.5V-5V

Output Voltage: 5.5V

Output current: 1000mA (max)

Conversion efficiency: 96% (maximum)

Switching frequency: 1MHz

Output ripple: 20mV (max)

Load regulation: ± 0.5%

Voltage regulation: ± 2.5%

Operating temperature: -40 ° to +85 °

Output Mode: Standard USB

Size: 28 x19x 8 mm ( 1 3/32 x 6/8 x 5/16 in )

Package Includes:

DC-DC Step-Up Module x1


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5V 1A Step Up5V 1A Step Up5V 1A Step Up2