Aegis X Kit Review

Aegis X Kit Review

Aegis X Kit Review

Before the Geekvape Aegis X was announced I almost convinced myself that Geekvape were done with the Aegis line. A plethora of Aegis mods have come before this.

We’ve had everything now, single 18650 (Aegis Solo), single 26650 (Original Aegis), dual 18650 (Aegis Legend), Internal Battery (Aegis Mini) and even the single battery Aegis Squonker – And there is also an Aegis Pod Kit on the way!

Surely there cant be many more? When is a company just trying to stretch a line of products too thin? Is it a cash grab? Or is it just a long path to perfection?

One things for sure – The Aegis X is, at a glance, is a winner.

What Can We Expect From The Geekvape Aegis X Kit?

A huge 2.4in colour display on one side, and flip it round and you get the typical Aegis design we’ve all become accustomed to. Along with all those fancy features, it’s also in keeping with its predecessors. An IP67 water proof and dust proof rating, thick rubbery finish and that squidgy leather on one end.

I suppose we should look at the Aegis X as the Aegis Legend’s Offspring, which was their Flagship, Dual 18650 200w mod and personally my favourite mod of all time. The Aegis X follows suit but has brought the Aegis into 2019.

Let’s see what it’s all about.

This Kit was sent to me for the purpose of review. All views and opinions are solely those of my own and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of others.

See The Aegis X In Action With My Video Review

What’s In The Box

Aegis X Mod

Cerberus Tank with 5.5ml Glass

Spare 4.0ml Glass(0.20Ω X1 coil pre-installed)

Extra Mesh Coil 0.20Ω MESH X1 (30-90w) Recommended 60-80w

Bag of Spare O-Rings

Spare Glass Tube

USB Charging/Firmware Upgrade Cable

Manual (Not included in my Sample Packaging)

NOTE – TPD Version may come with 2.0ml Glass Only

Aegis X Kit Review

Aegis X Kit Review



Battery – Dual 18650 Battery Compartment

Up to 200w power

2.4in OLED Screen

Upgraded AS Chip

Multiple settings options including Wattage/TC/Bypass/Curve

IP67 Rating Waterproof/Shockproof/Dust proof

ABB – Automatic Battery Balancing

Height: 89.0mm

Width: 55.0mm


Colours Available: Stealth Black | Gunmetal & Camo | Classic Silver | Gold & Black | Green & Black | Rainbow & Black | Red & Black | Signature Orange

Aegis X Kit Review

Aegis X Kit Review


Constant wattage fixed output

Tank capacity: 5.5ml (2ml for EU)

Airflow adjustment

Rubberised body

Height: 43mm (Including Low Profile Drip-Tip)

Diameter: 24mm (27mm at widest point with bubble glass)

Colours Available: Black, Silver, Rainbow, Black w/Red

Design and Build Quality

Aegis X Kit Review

I received the Stealth Black version of the Geekvape Aegis X – Which came with the Black Cerberus Tank. A underrated tank in my opinion.

Aegis X Kit Review

In The Hand

If you used or even held an Aegis Legend before, the Aegis X will feel much the same to you.

However, it does weight a little less than the Legend, which in all honesty is a positive point as one of the general issues with the Legend, for some, was its weight.

Aegis X Kit Review

Held with your thumb over the ‘Ski-Slope’ styled fire button, the Aegis X is very comfortable.

The nice leather finish on one end gives the device a comfortable feel. Any fingers not on the leather are gripped to the rubberised parts giving you extra grip, limiting the chances of dropping the mod.

fire button on aegis x

A perfect mod to hold personally. Fit my hands like a dream.

As an index finger firer, it’s just as comfortable though. So no matter how you hold your mod, as long as you can appreciate this is a dual 18650 ‘Indestructible Mod you’re going to enjoy its feel.

mod buttons

OLED Screen

Aegis X Kit Review

With regards to the screen, it’s one of the largest, clearest, brightest screens I’ve used.

Certainly a plus, especially for those who struggle with their vision.

side buttons

Everything is large and clear and that’s what makes the Aegis X stand out in comparison to the majority of mods that hit the market.

Not to mention those that have tried to imitative the Aegis style.

Cerberus Tank

The Cerberus Tank has been used by Geekvape for quite a while now, but it’s easy to see why. There’s nothing too fancy or smart about it but it’s a good all rounder for both performance and build quality.

cerberus tank close up aegis solo-kit

All the tolerances and threads are spot on, the 90 degree twist filling cap is good and creates a lovely tight seal.

I really like the low-profile drip it that came with the tank and it fits into the top nice and snug.


The airflow control is super smooth and adjusts beautifully, mostly thanks to the knurling around the top cap, and the airflow ring.

It’s not a super noisy tank, theres a little whistle and a slight bit of that turbulence going on, but it’s not deafening and certainly won’t turn peoples heads.


Basic Operation

There are quite a lot of settings to go through here, but if you’re looking at picking up this kit, you may want to have a little read.

First off – The main screen displays probably everything you need go know.

Mode (1,2,3,4)

Battery levels

Power and Power Mode

Coil resistance


Current Rating

Puff Count

Locked mod

There are 2 levels to the menu options – But firstly, the Geekvape Aegis X has the usual 5 fire button clicks On and Off along with the option of Locking the device by pressing the Up and Down buttons for approx 3 seconds.

Menu 1

3 Clicks of the Fire button take you into the Basic Menu which allows you to change between 4 Configurable Modes.

In wattage mode you can choose between Soft, Standard and Powerful which will basically increase or decrease the initial ramp up time when you press the fire button.

You can also reset your Puff count in this mode.

To get out of this Menu, simply leave the device for approx 5 seconds and you’re ready to go.

Menu 2

Main Menu

So getting into the Main Menu puzzled me at first, but simply click the fire button 3 times as you did to get into Menu 1, then follow up by pressing and holding the Up and Down buttons for 3 Seconds – this will open up a new screen! Yippee!


Automatically detects the best wattage for your installed coil. Set to Auto, or Off.


Select between 3 different themes

Theme 1
Side view of Geekvape aegis X
Theme 2
Menu Style 3
Theme 3
Menu style 3

Select between 5 different colours

Obviously blue is one, the other are:

Red screen
Orange screen
green screen



And Green

Of course all these colours are used on all 3 Themes.


Aegis X version

Displays the Version, and the Version Date.

ABB (Automatic Battery Balancing)

This is super clever, with the ABB option activated, the device will automatically Balance your battery levels. Yes it can take some time, but effectively what it’s doing is taking charge out of the more full battery, and levelling the charge levels out.

Most people know to ‘marry’ their batteries, ensuring the batteries are always used together, charged together – But that doesn’t mean batteries that have been paired, will stay perfectly balanced.

The Aegis X has done something remarkable here by self-balancing the batteries which may help increase the life of your batteries long term.


Simply resets the device to factory settings

How Does The Geekvape Aegis X Kit Perform?

First let’s take a quick look at getting started with the tank.

How To Fill The Geekvape Cerberus Tank

Unscrew the top-cap by turning the top anti-clockwise by 90 degrees

Fill the tank using either filling slot

Re-fit the top-cap by pushing and turning clockwise 90 degrees

How to fill the Geekvape Cerberus tank

How To Change The Cerberus Coils

Ensure the tank is empty

Holding the base of the tank with your thumb, unscrew the rest of the tank anti-clockwise

Unscrew the existing coil by turning anti-clockwise

Fit the new coil and screw in Clockwise until tight

Refit the rest of the tank (Including Glass of course)

Flavour and Clouds

The kit comes with 2 of the same coils, the 0.2Ω X1 Mesh Coil.

How to change the geekvape aegis coil

I think they’ve missed a trick here – Some people, including myself like to try different coils in a kit as it helps them make a long term choice on which coil they prefer.

I really enjoyed the X2 0.3Ω coil that I had with the Aegis Solo Kit, they perform extremely well, flavour is ace, and at around 40w they were a lovely vape.

Not to mention the battery saving when vaping at a minuscule 40 watts.

The X1 0.2Ω Mesh Coil

The X1 coil recommends vaping at 60-80w. I found at around 75 watts, with the airflow halfway open, I get the best mix of a nice slightly warm, every so slightly restrictive vape.

However, the flavour is also slightly lacking. But not terrible. Just, in my opinion, not as good as the X2 Coil.

Breaking In Time

I found the X1 coils take quite a while to break in fully – around 4 tanks. Which in this case, meant running through 22ml of e-liquid. That’s pretty painstaking. But eventually the flavour comes through.

Aegis leather palm grip

I didn’t experience such a long break-in time with the X2 coils, which is why I felt the need to mention this.

How Long Does The Aegis X Battery Last?

Like any mod, the battery life purely depends on:

A: The Batteries being Used

B: The resistance of your coils

C: The wattage you are vaping at.

I’ve had no problem getting a full days life out of my batteries when vaping at 75 watts.

So its comparable to many other mods I use daily at around the same wattage.


You can charge the device via the Micro USB port with a 5V/2A charge. As always I strongly recommend you remove the batteries, and use en external charger.

However, if you get really stuck, its nice to have the option there.

Top view of vape mod

I just suggest not leaving the device to charge overnight, and make sure its on a fire-proof surface. Sounds petty but safe to be safe.

Battery Door

The battery door is very similar to the Aegis Legend design, with a flip lid, and slide to lock catch. In all honesty, I’ve had a bit of trouble with the Aegis X.

Geekvape aegis x battery door

It’s easy enough to open, but closing it once the batteries are installed can be a little annoying.

It just wont close shut with a hard push – you have to physically slide the catch over slightly to get it to lock

The Stress Test – Is the Geekvape Aegis X Waterproof and Shockproof?

I’ve done the usual testing but I wont lie, I’ve struggled to strum up the courage to give the Aegis X a good kick about.

I really, REALLY like this mod and found myself finding excuses why I shouldn’t throw it around – But I wouldn’t be doing my job right if I didn’t do it!

So a quick cycle to the nearest Teen-Infested Skate Park and I gave the Aegis X a gentle, cautious beating.

Aegis X mod thrown about

Too cautious? Let’s turn it up a notch!

Aegis x mod punishment

Well.. That didn’t end too well!

Once a couple of local lads got their hands on the mod they soon realised just how fun it was to do tricks with the mod on-board. This ended disastrously for the Aegis X.

damage to the geekvape aegis x mod

After a quick wipe over…

screen damage

Generally, it all looks OK still – however, the real issue is going back to the battery door.

geekvape aegis x battery door broke

It doesn’t look like a lot of damage, but its caused problems, meaning the device is now difficult to use.

Now it’s fair to say the device does still turn on and work, the screen is still bright and bold considering the amount of scratches.

However, the battery door is fairly badly damaged, meaning you have to press on the battery door to turn on, and any light knock will switch the device off completely.

run over mod with bike

Let’s be fair here, the Geekvape Aegis X is ‘Shock-proof’ not Bulletproof, and certainly not Punishment-Proof.

However, one unfortunate drop, landing at the wrong angle, could possibly leave you without a usable device.

As much as I want to say this device held up really well, and it did. I’m just surprised that the battery door is that much weaker, especially in comparison to the Aegis Legend, and Aegis Solo that I’ve used and abused before.

I feel the battery door section could do with a little bit of work to give it a little bit more strength against accidental damage.

shockproof test

With regards to an underwater test – well I’m afraid I cant comment. Stupidly I decided to give the Aegis X a good bashing before getting to the bucket test.

However, looking at the silicon/Rubber seals around the battery door, the USB port and the build quality I have no concerns that the Aegis X wouldn’t survive a 30 minute soak in up to 1m of water.



A great device to use and abuse daily

Excellent bright, large clear screen

Hits fairly hard

For a large mod, its comfortable

Durable and Tough(Ish)


A solidly built tank

Good Flavour

Especially good with a 0.3 X2 coil

Airflow is smooth



Battery door doesn’t close easily

Battery door is its weakest point

Aegis X Kit Review


The 0.2Ω X1 Mesh coil takes an age to break in

The X1 Mesh coil just doesn’t quite hit the spot with flavour

Final Review Verdict

I started testing this product with a huge smile on my face, and I was expecting nothing less than a huge smile at the end of my trials.

However, I’ve managed to destroy it, yes I went to town with giving the Aegis X some punishment. But in all honesty it really wasn’t given much of a beating and I have all footage on camera to see it was only a couple of drops from no more than 2m height.

Which unfortunately for me, hit the weak spot and caused the unfortunate damage to the battery door. Leaving the Aegis X almost good as useless.

But let’s get things straight – The Geekvape Aegis X is the best of the Aegis line in my opinion. It has everything the Aegis Legend had, but with a beautiful bright screen.

It really finishes the Aegis off and there is not a doubt in my mind I will be replacing this with another Aegis X myself very soon. Maybe I’ll ask Father Christmas for one?

The Cerberus is still a great ‘Kit-Tank’, I just feel slightly let down by the 0.2Ω X1 Mesh Coils. Apart from that, its a flavour banger and cloud chucker.

If you’re looking at the amazing line of Aegis Mods, don’t mess around and go straight to the top.

Its function, style and day to day uses far out-weigh every other Aegis mod available. Don’t forget to think of sad old me looking at my broken Aegis X.

Did you buy the Geekvape Aegis X? Have any questions about the device? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

Aegis X Kit Review



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